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Guild Wars 2 WvW changes delayed til March

By mike on from https://forum-en.guildwars2.com

If you were waiting for those big changes to Guild Wars 2's World vs World system, you're going to have to wait a little longer as the February update has been delayed to March. The good news is that Game Director Colin Johanson outlines some of the changes that will happen which are listed below.

- Continual work to re-build the way our game loads models and compresses data, to allow for more visible characters/names in WvW in the long run as we build towards removing as much culling as possible from the game.

- Expanding on reasons to be winning in WvW beyond the total weekly score, providing stronger incentives for specific objectives and additional short term goals/rewards for winning minute-to-minute in the WvW maps.

- Providing additional ways for WvW players to earn various power-progression rewards available across the game currently in PvE for participating in WvW content.

- Exploring ways to help get more people playing WvW, as well as dealing with queue issues that come with those inherent issues of player population and demand.

- And of course additional polish and cleanup features to make the general experience in WuvWuv more fun and exciting.
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