Published : XL Games

Developed : XL Games

Genre : Fantasy

Release Date : Jan 11, 2013

Monthly Fee : $18.30

Pageviews Lifetime : 1569  /  Pageviews 90 Days : 265

ArcheAge is a fantasy MMORPG being developed by Korean developer XL Games. ArcheAge has a sophisticated traveling system allowing players to travel by carriage, monorail, horse and ship. Players can construct their own ships as well as houses and can participate in battles on land and on sea with naval battles.

ArcheAge offers three races to choose from, Elf, Ferrss (jungle cat) and Nuians who are basically humans.

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After a brief teaser at ChinaJoy 2012 talking to the Chinese media, XLGAMES is now preparing for ArcheAge Closed Beta 5 in Korea. A media conference was held as the date draws closer to 16th August, with ArcheAge’s development staff answering various questions. Having gone through over 6...
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Recently, the developer announced that Closed Beta Test 5 is just around the corner, and now we have more info. Those who are able to apply can do so until the 7th of August, there will be two waves of invitations sent out on the 10th and 22nd of August. CBT5 looks like it is set to run fr...
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ArcheAge is an upcoming, next-generation fantasy sandbox MMORPG by XLGames. A while ago I pieced together a little video showcasing different areas of the game from different trailers. Since uploading this video, I have constantly been asked for the name of the songs in the video itself. T...

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