End of Nations

Published : Trion Worlds

Developed : Petroglyph Games

Genre : Sci-fi, Strategy

Release Date : TBA

Monthly Fee : Free

Pageviews Lifetime : 1207  /  Pageviews 90 Days : 176

End of Nations is a MMORTS game developed by Petroglyph Games. Players fight monumental battle for global control in a massive and persistent world where up to 50 players can participate in epic battles.

End of Nations features two playable factions and a third non-playable faction called Order of Nations.

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I first saw Trion Worlds’ upcoming MMORTS, End of Nations, back in 2010 when I traveled out to the studio to see both RIFT and End of Nations when both titles were still in Alpha. I found End of Nations interesting, but it was notably rough at the time. In all honesty, I haven’t really...

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