Eve Online

Published : CCP Games

Developed : CCP Games

Genre : Sci-fi

Release Date : May 06, 2003

Monthly Fee : $14.95

Pageviews Lifetime : 4798  /  Pageviews 90 Days : 772

Eve Online is a sci-fi MMORPG where players pilot their spaceships around a massive galaxy. Eve Online is one of the few MMOs out there where the players are not split up into dozens of servers, instead all players are part of one massive world.

Eve Online is a sandbox MMO where players try to make a name for themselves in hostile galaxy. PvP is a big part of Eve as players battle for their fair share of the universe.

Looking to buy a ship, ISK or sell your Eve Online account? Head to EpicNPC.com, a free marketplace forum, or ArmoryBids.com, a free auction site, depending which type of system you prefer.

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CCP announced today that EVE Online has surpasses 500,000 subscribers with the help of the recently launched free expansion Retribution in December, DUST514 launching into beta on PS3 and the game’s relaunch in China. It seems that Eve Online is the only veteran MMO game th...

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