Published : Bluehole Studios

Developed : En Masse Entertainment

Genre : Fantasy

Release Date : May 01, 2012

Monthly Fee : $14.99

Pageviews Lifetime : 3067  /  Pageviews 90 Days : 590

Tera Online is a upcoming fantasy MMORPG from Bluehole Studios, a group of former NCSoft developers. Tera Online emphasizes skill combat and will have no instances. Players will have full control over attacks and the fate of the enemy.

Players in Tera Online can choose from six races and eight classes. Tera Online is set for release in North America and Europe in 2011.

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A game writer from Lorehound has been banned from TERA for what he calls a "completely ridiculous reason". Despite not having played the game in nearly a year and a half and logging into his account just once to participate in the recent LevelUp promotion, En Masse has decided to ban his a...
  • 320
En Mass is giving players the chance at a free level 58 character for their new or existing accounts. Anyone who creates a new character over the next 3 days with the name ending in .Levelup will automatically be power-leveled to level 58 on Sept 23rd. If you haven't played th...
  • 296
Bluehole Studio posted a job opening on its website looking for programmers to join its new development team to work on a next-generation MMORPG. In the post it was also stated, along with several Korean news outlets, that it will be a full-fledged sequel to TERA. In case you'...
  • 335
TERA is now officially a free-to-play title and to celebrate the occasions a new launch trailer was released which you can watch below. Along with the F2P switch-over new content was also added today in the form of The Crucible of Flame dungeon map and a three-on-three PvP battleground map...
  • 216
The latest update to TERA is going live on servers on Feb 5th, but today we have the official patch notes which includes changes to just about everything. It seems the biggest changes are coming to Battlegrounds, class balance, crafting, glyphs and PvP, but you can read the full "Rising" p...
  • 207
A new community letter was posted on the TERA website talking about the many new features and events that were added to the game since launch and talks about future additions coming in 2013. The Crucible of Flame, a new 3vs3 battleground, two new reputation factions and a few other things....

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