About Overpower3d

Overpower3d, is a social gaming news sites where members are able to submit articles they find interesting from other gaming sites or even create their own articles directly on OverPower3d.com.

Articles approved by moderators will instantly appear on the homepage while those that do not will have to reach a certain 'article score' before they are bumped to the homepage.

If a submitted article does not reach the required article score after 48 hrs, that article will still be published within the category selected, but will not appear on the homepage.

Our goal is to provide gaming sites and visitors a chance to have their voices heard while providing readers a centralized location where they can find all the gaming news they're interested in.

Karma System

Overpower3d features a Karma system that is basically a point system to determine which users participate the most. Members can gain and even lost points depending on what they do. While we won't reveal the actual point system mechanics, below we've outlined some site activities that will gain and lost you Karma points.

Gain Points

- Submitting an article
- Article becomes published on the site
- Commenting on articles

Loss Points

- Published article is discarded or marked as spam
- Comment is removed
- Site abuse

Stories can be discarded for various reasons, but most likely it's because it's a duplicate story or old.


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